Policy on Copying Link List

There have been numerous entities that have copied our link list.  We have no objection.  Our goal is to facilitate our local pilots in their ongoing struggle to understand their variables.

The collapsible list could be made more attractive, but my time is limited and it's doubtful I'll do the research to learn how.  If someone wants to teach me, I'd be appreciative.

An advantage to linking to our SCPA weather page as opposed to copying the link list is obviously maintenance.  If you copy and don't maintain, it will become progressively broken over time.  If you are up to the maintenance, then our list may be a good starting point.

We are open to including a limited number of links in our upper left corner back to non commercial organizations that want to link directly to our weather page.  If you are a commercial organization, you can frame our weather page inside your own frameset to achieve some level of Business ID and still skip the maintenance.  If you need help doing so, give me a call.

Some of the material our links point to may be copyrighted.  Our authorization to copy the link list does not extend to the content that the links point to.

SD, Former Secretary, SCPA