Tom Pipkin / 6/21/03

I support Randall's idea for the location.

Tom Pipkin / 6/20/03

Benson has done a fine job designing the memorial plaque. I think everyone agrees on that.

Input that I received from the Ojai group is that the plaque (about the size of a license. plate) would be impossible to read at the top of chiefs peak. Most of us that have flown around the peak feel that trying to thermal close enough in the typically turbulent air to even see it would be asking for trouble. Some days its not even possible to fly high enough to step back to the peak.

Placing the plaque on a rock at launch would allow us to view it up close and pay our respects without the stress of scratching too close. (Safety first). After all, launch is where we spent a lot of quality time with Bruce as he unpacked his bag and geared up.

Thanks again to Benson for his design work.