Hesham Gobarah / 6/19/03

I like the text that the committee came up with. Simple but profound. The date of birth is correct (8/14/1948 - 9/20/2002).

Personally, I would vote strongly in favor of placing it near Chief's launch. It will be a stronger memory this way. And pilots will remember Burce's achievements every time they are about to take to the air. There is a memorial plaque on Flynn's launch for two pilots. I didn't even know them but I found the location very appropriate. It is there for all to see.

Perhaps the committee can also look it into planning a small ceremony at Chief's to dedicate / unveil the memorial. We could invite the family. Bruce's first anniversary will be on September 20th which happens to be a Saturday. I personally would prefer to do it on his birthday which is August 14th as it is our purpose to remember his life not his passing. This date is on a Thursday however so it may not be suitable from a logistical standpoint.