Benson Lamb / 6/24/03

Placing the plaque at Bruce’s Point would be neat; Bruce’s Point would be marked by Bruce’s plaque.

The cultural aesthetics of one memorial to Bruce at Bruce’s Point seems more graceful than a plaque and a Point in his honor just a few miles apart.

There is a certain synergy in placing the plaque in a location that is most accessible by paraglider. W can fly by fairly often, and installing windsock would assure easily visibility (as well as providing useful information).

Around his anniversary we might set up some kind of event to fly by and drop flowers. A fun event in his memory.

A tandem team could do a fly by and get a photo of the plaque for presentation to the Wallace family.

Benson Lamb / 6/19/03

Benson Lamb posted the following committee report on the SCPA discussion page which also initiated a discussion thread

Bruce Wallace Committee Report

The committee discussed the following aspects of Bruce’s memorial plaque:

What we have come up with to date is a bronze plaque, about 9 by 13.  The text we suggest will read:

Dances with Clouds
In Memory of
Bruce Wallace
8/14/1948 - 9/20/2002

The artwork is simple, but clearly ties in paragliding.

The location the committee leans towards is Chief’s Peak, centered 20 to 40 from the top. This allows paragliders thermaling in the area to be rewarded by a rare close up of the plaque. If one knows where to look, the regular shape would be visible from launch.

Other possibilities are Chiefs Launch, favored by the Ojai crew, and Bruce’s Point suggested by Tom T.