Dan Keyser's Valentine Day Incident

Initial Archive on 2/29/04 for Dan Keyser's Valentine Day Incident on 2/14/04
This section updated in 2004 on... 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 3/14, 3/18, 4/2, 4/10, 5/2, 5/29

This is a collection of forum articles archived so we may reflect back and maintain perspective.  Only a small portion of the articles were archived to maintain a sense of Dan's progress.  There were many more articles posted providing bits of information and encouragement.

There is an ongoing interactive discussion regarding Dan's incident and his condition on the SCPA non flight discussion page  Original postings were on the flight discussion page.   You can only reach the non flight discussion through the link on the flight discussion page.  Both of those forums will auto delete the older articles.  The flight discussion is currently not posting to the table of contents frame, so we are currently looking at moving to revised discussion forum software.  The non flight discussion page is still working ok.

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