This page updated in 12/2010

South Coast: [Bob's Book] in frame, or out of frame []

Since the SCPA has been unable to effectively implement a functional interactive address book,  the SCPA Secretary has opted to link to the SBSA address book.  Bob Ramey implemented the interactive data base many years ago and he continues to effectively maintain it.    569-3793 home   569-3793 work

An outdated SCPA pilot directory sponsored by Tom Beidler was located at: but no longer resolves

At one time it was our intention to include an address book as part of our SCPA Discussion Forum Data Base which was implemented in May of 2004, but years later we haven't been able to motivate any of our members (with the requisite skill sets) to work with us on development.  Bob's book may be a little clunky, but it has withstood a test of time, and as of today it's the best we have.

We can link to other address books from this page.  If you have a link you would like included, please contact Tom Truax